The personal website of Nic Barajas

Nic Barajas loves to design elegant solutions for complex problems facing users. He has worked at The New York Times as an editor and designer, and recently graduated with an MFA from SVA’s Interaction Design program.

His master’s thesis focused on the home cook’s experience with recipes. He developed a product and interaction design solution, called Step Zero, that redesigned the recipe in a common format, adjusted the pre-cooking process, and provided helpful tips when working with a recipe.

Other recent projects include:

At the Times, he works on the newsroom’s News Platforms team, which collaborates with design and technology groups to improve the experience and workflow of editors and producers in support of the company’s user-facing products.

Previously at the Times, he was a designer on the team that redesigned the website; he also built the first version of The Lively Morgue, a Tumblr of archival Times photography. He’s also been a print designer and paginator.

He lives in Brooklyn, New York.