Nic Barajas is a designer and editor who loves focusing on complex problems that face organizations, particularly when they involve content and workflow.
He is currently seeking new full-time and freelance opportunities in product management, content strategy, or product design.
He worked at The New York Times for eight years as an editor and designer. There, he helped the newsroom rethink how it tagged and organized content, and overhauled its section fronts and other landing pages. He was on the News Platforms team, which is responsible for advocating for editors and producers while working with product teams and the company’s content management system team.
He recently graduated from SVA, where he earned an MFA from its prestigious Interaction Design program.
His master’s thesis at SVA was focused on the home cook’s experience, and he developed a product and interaction design solution called Step Zero. It redesigned recipes found across the web into a common format, and it adjusted the pre-cooking process to help home cooks become more confident in the kitchen.
At the Times, he also helped redesign the Times’s article pages in 2014, and he worked on the front page in May 2011, when U.S. forces entered Pakistan and killed Osama bin Laden, among other special front pages.
As an undergraduate student, he studied communication management and design at Ithaca College in central New York, and worked at The Ithacan, the student newspaper. It was there he gained an appreciation for systems thinking, cybernetics, and organizational change.
In addition to his professional and master’s work, he has strong interests in food and drink, including craft beer and specialty coffee, and is a prodigous backer of projects on Kickstarter. His personal project, Beerio, brought two of those interests together, and got as far as a private alpha.
He lives in Brooklyn, New York.